Bogmalo Beach

Cute Beach

Diamonds come in small packages, so do the most beautiful beaches in Goa too. Bogmalo beach is part of a tiny beach side village, with its very own small bay surrounded by around 1.6 kms of a curvy beach shore.

Closest beach to Goa Airport

This beach of Bogmalo is situated closest to the International Dabolim Airport of Goa, at a short distance of only 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) and 9 kilometers (5.6 miles) from the major port town of Vasco da Gama. When it’s packing time to end your holiday in Goa, you can still “Wine & Dine” on Bogmalo beach, pick up your luggage from Athi Resort Rooms and head for your flight to reach, the Goa airport just on time.

Centrally located

Bogmalo Beach is centrally sandwiched between all the other beaches of North & South Goa. So when one stays in Bogmalo one is at an equal distance from all the other beaches and tourist locations in Goa. By staying at Athi Resorts Goa, you can easily explore, both North & South Goa on different days.

Clean beach at its best

Fringed by tall palm trees, Bogmalo beach is a heady mixture of Serenity & Shopping. The serenity of this Goan fishing village still co-exists with shopping stalls selling souvenirs to tourists.

Apart from its picturesque settings the beach is also a haven for those seeking for Rest, Relaxation & Rejuvenation.

5 Star Beach

Bogmalo beach is also referred to as a 5 Star beach of South Goa, due to its close proximity to the 5 Star Bogmalo Beach Resort by the sea. So be prepared to be bumped into the “Rich & Famous” who frequently are spotted walking or jogging on the shores of this beach.

Athi Resorts is located on a hill providing panoramic views of the sea from a distance and the Bogmalo beach is just a long walk or short drive away..




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