Around Athi

Hollant Beach

Hollant Beach is a beautiful, serene and secluded beach which is highly recommended to our guests and is just a very short drive from us. To discover this hidden gem of a beach, take right out of Athi Resorts till you reach a fork in the road: one goes ahead towards Vasco city and then drops with a declining road. The drive from here to Hollant beach is one densely covered with a canopy of coconut trees.

You will spot a carpet of green on both sides sprinkled with wild blossoming plants & flowers. Try to find the touch-me-not plants by the road side. Almost every single day there are monkeys jumping on tree branches, amazing birds to spot & see and beautiful butterflies too.

The winding road ends at the beautiful crescent shaped white sandy beach encased in hills, called Hollant beach. The Hollant beach offers beautiful views encompassing the main southern beaches of Goa, along with the foothills of the Western Ghats. Visit this beach on a weekday and you will find yourselves enjoying the pristine beauty at your own privacy.



Bogmalo Beach

Bogmalo beach is a natural bay that beckons visitors and tourists to spend their holiday time on this beautiful beach. Bogmalo beach was originally a fishing village and you also you can see fish nets, fishing gear and deep sea fishing boats.  Bogmalo beach boast numerous high quality beach shacks that offer delicious Indian cuisine and seafood which is caught fresh daily.



Naval Aviation Museum

The Naval Aviation Museum is a military museum located in Bogmalo, 6km from Vasco da Gama, Goa, India. This Naval Aviation Museum is situated bang opposite Athi Resorts. This museum contains exhibits that show the evolution of India's Naval and Aviation forces over the decades. The museum is divided into two main parts an outdoor exhibit and a two-storey indoor gallery.     



Bat Island

This uninhabited island is situated a short distance from Bogmalo beach and is clearly visible on a clear day. An adventurous Boat Trip to Bat Island can be booked through Athi Resorts.



Goa Diving At Bogmalo Beach

Goa Diving is an internationally recognized and respected diving organization situated on Bogmalo Beach. It has the distinction of being the first diving school in India.  It offers lots of diving courses and introduces tourists to diving through their diving courses and you get to see and explore the remains of the British built SS Mary.  Athi Resorts do organize dives for you if you so require.



Grandmothers Hole Beach

The name, Grandmothers Hole Beach derives from a folklore that a grandmother used to sit at this hole in the ancient fort wall, waiting for her sons to come back from their fishing trips out in the deep seas.

If you are staying at Athi Resorts and would like to see a very unusually named beach in Goa, then “Grandmothers Hole” beach is the place to visit in Goa. What to find over here? A secluded beach. A small temple dedicated to Shri Durgamata Shiv is situated on the way, while approaching the beach. Beach side high rising cliffs. A small and simple Japanese Garden that has nothing to do with the country Japan.

Grandmothers Hole Beach in Goa is a secret worth sharing!!  To reach this beach, one has to pass through a hole in the fort wall ruins and set one’s eyes on a spectacular and astonishing view of this picturesque beach. The hole is in the wall of the Fortaleza Santa Catarina Fort walls. Pass through it to gain foot access to this beach.



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